Services at Made Clear

What I do.


Services at Made Clear

What I do.


What is a conversion rate?

You're selling fruit. Just like these guys with their lovely blue wall.

100 people wander into your shop. Only 10 people buy something. Your conversion rate is 10% (10 out of 100).

It's not just about buying. It can the number of people who sign up for your newsletter, download your ebook, or anything else you set as a goal for your business.


So, what is conversion rate optimisation?

CRO is simply the process of taking your existing conversion rate, and improving it. I'll help you work out how to get more of your visitors, browsers, users, etc. to convert.



Step one in improving your conversion rate is always understanding what it is now. I'll help you set up (if required) and review your analytics software. This data will be critically useful when looking for ways to improve your conversion rate.


Audits & reviews

Using my experience of CRO, I can review your website/app/business and look for ways we can make things better.


User testing

Whilst my own experience will be useful, it's really your potential customers that we want to speak to. Why didn't they buy? What confused them on your website?


A/B Testing

Once we have some ideas of what changes to make, we can test those changes out. A/B testing is all about providing 2 different options to users, and seeing which one works best.


Email & Social

CRO doesn't just apply to websites. The ideas and techniques can be extended across all your marketing channels. Optimising your emails and your social media updates can have a fantastic impact on your business.


User psychology

At the heart of everything I do is understanding the user/consumer. My understanding of how users behave, and why they do things, will be used to improve your business.