Made Clear is a marketing support and consultancy company, based in Cardiff (South Wales).

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My name is Gareth K Thomas, and I started Made Clear in 2017.

(I add the middle initial in so that people can find me on the web, check out my testimonials, etc. And, nope, I'm not telling you what it stands for! 😂).

Made Clear is a real project of passion for me.

  • Around age 14, I became fascinated by this cool new thing called the Internet. I taught myself to code from my bedroom, and learnt the basics of web design and development
  • I started building websites for other people, and a web development company (Warehouse Media) was born out of that work
  • I also created a few sites for myself, including one in the camping and caravanning industry, that gained a decent amount of traction and a loyal following. Thanks to low running costs, the site quickly became profitable, and went on to win a number of awards
  • This exposure and success led to me working with a number of the market-leading websites, helping them to expand their businesses
  • In 2007 I started a holiday rental business, which initially built and sold online booking software, then provided a central location for booking holiday lets. More recently we built the business into one of the leading holiday rental management companies in the UK
  • Along the way I got to work on some fantastic projects, including helping to bring online booking to the camping/caravanning market, and working with software companies to help them better understand their target markets, and to get better at marketing to them.

Time to make a change.

In amongst what's listed above, I also spend a chunk of time working/volunteering with children. I'm incredibly passionate about this work, and it led me to becoming a foster carer. I think there are probably easier jobs out there, but I do feel there are few that can be so rewarding.

Starting Made Clear has allowed me to continue to work in a flexible way, with clients who share my passion for doing fantastic, exciting, rewarding things.

Making marketing clearer.

Made Clear allows me to bring my wealth of real world experience, my in-depth understanding of marketing, and my passion for small business, to those that can massively benefit.